Welcome to Thomas & Penelope

Thomas & Penelope are a dynamic team with years of experience in the Houston area. Thomas has a diverse and extensive background in photojournalism, which allows him to anticipate and capture the moments and emotions of your day. Penelope then uses these images to tell your unique story within a beautiful, hand-assembled wedding album. If you like what you see here, please use the contact form (above) to set up a meeting.


Thomas holding his son, Theodore
Photographed by Leigh at Fresh Light Photography

Thomas has a diverse background in photography. He began working as a photojournalist for a newspaper in 1999, and he has traveled around the world to document exciting stories, including the genocide in the Sudan, the orphans in India, the NFL playoffs, and many others. His work has been published all over, from the cover of ESPN the Magazine and USA Today to an exhibit in a national museum and more.


Years of experience as a photojournalist have contributed to the candid, dynamic style Thomas uses in photographing weddings. His technical expertise allows him to effectively and artfully capture the honest emotion of the day without being a distraction. The result is a collection of beautiful, crisp images which tell the unique story of each wedding.