Welcome to Thomas & Penelope

Thomas & Penelope are a dynamic team with years of experience in the Houston area. Thomas has a diverse and extensive background in photojournalism, which allows him to anticipate and capture the moments and emotions of your day. Penelope then uses these images to tell your unique story within a beautiful, hand-assembled wedding album. If you like what you see here, please use the contact form (above) to set up a meeting.


One question I often get is if I offer videography or cinematography. I feel really strongly about specialization. I have no desire in being a jack of all trades and a master of none. I want to deliver the best possible photography to you, which is why I focus solely on photography.


However, I am pleased to be able to recommend my good friends at 31 Films, Mason Jar Films, Sculpting with TimeDakine Films and Green Leaf Films. These companies are fantastic at telling the beautiful story of your wedding as well as working with me so that I can do the same. Often, inexperienced videographers will not work well with photographers, will ignore or even constantly be in the shots of the photographers. What you end up with is worse photography coverage and worse video coverage. The great guys at these companies are super professional and really nice. Contact them and get someone that will work well with your photographers and create a masterpiece, not a headache for everyone.